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Why is my furnace not working?

There are many reasons that a furnace will stop working in a home or business.  Regardless of why a heating unit will stop working, one thing is always true.  It is difficult to be freezing cold in the middle of the day or night without a heat source to use.  As an HVAC company we are here to tell you that when it is coldest outside, technicians are always busy.  That is why it is so important to get ahead of the crowd and think of your furnace before temperatures get below freezing.  Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons as to why a furnace will stop working correctly.  The solutions will range from a simple, quick fix to full-blown furance replacement situations because the unit has reached the end of its lifespan.

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Why household furnaces will stop working


Ensure that your thermostat is properly setup

It may sound silly but this is a really common problem as to why you are not getting warm air blowing through your home.  Ensure that your thermostat has charged batteries and that the settings are turned to “heat.”  You should also ensure that the temperature is set to at least 5 degrees above room temperature and the fan is set to “auto.”  One final step is to ensure that the date and time are set correctly.  Many smart thermostats are programmable and if these details are not correct you may not be getting heat when you expect it to happen.

There has been restricted air flow

Your HVAC system needs to get a full flowing air supply in order to function properly.  Remember that you should be replacing dirty air filters every 30 to 60 days.  This is one of the easiest yet most important steps home and business owners can take when it comes to furnace maintenance.  Remember that you should always request a professional heating tune-up on a yearly basis.  It is helpful to do this at the beginning of the season so that you can avoid long wait times and get ahead of costly furnace repairs.

There is a power issue with your furnace

Another simple solution that you can check is to ensure that all the power switches on the side of your furnace are set to “on.”  Sometimes small children will flip these switches without their parents knowing this has happened.  If these emergency shutoff switches are all put in the proper place then you should also check your power circuits.  In this power box, there will be a breaker and fuse that specifically supplies power to the furnace.  If the fuse has tripped that is it has come at a position between on and off then you need to switch it off first and then switch it on. Secondly, if the fuse has broken you have to replace it with the same type and size of fuse.

Call a professional HVAC company

If you live in or around Salt Lake City, UT we invite you to contact Utah HVAC for all of your home or business heating needs.  If you have checked some of the simple reasons why your furnace is not working and the problem still exists, give us a call.  Our office phone number is  (801) 930-0629 use it to speak with a heating professional and schedule a service call today.

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