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Why is my air conditioner leaking water?

Have you ever gone outside and noticed a pool of water underneath your outdoor air conditioner unit? If this is the first time you have ever seen this, you may immediately feel the need to call an AC repair company right away. The reality of the situation is that it can be perfectly normal for water to collect under the air conditioner. However, water leaking can also be a sign that you may need your central air unit repaired. There are some differences between what is considered normal, and what should be cause for concern.

Water collecting under my AC unit

Remember that it is quite common for your outside condenser unit to build condensation when it is running.  This small amount of water may drip and collect together, only to evaporate shortly after some time.  There is a difference between a little frost collecting and an active leak of water or coolant below the air conditioner or central air system.  If you notice that the leak seems to be happening throughout the duration of the day, you may need to schedule a service call.


Why does the water leak happen?

HVAC technicians know there are many reasons that an air conditioner will start leaking water.  Below are some of the main reasons.  Use this list to gain a better understanding so you can diagnose if you need a professional on the scene.

  1. A dirty or unclean air filter: When a dirty air filter restricts airflow bad things can happen.  Our number one HVAC system maintenance tip is to change your air filter every 30-60 days.  Even if the airflow is partially blocked it can cause your evaporative coil to freeze up.  This causes extra water to overflow from the drainage pan.
  2. A broken condensate pan: This pan can crack or erode due to age or corrosion. Obviously, it cannot properly hold water once the pan has been damaged.
  3. Faulty installation: If your air conditioner is brand new but shows signs of leaking, there was a problem with the installation. Either the unit is not the correct size for the size and usage of your home.  Or the unit was incorrectly installed by the heating and cooling contractor.
  4. A blocked or clogged drainage pipe: When AC units are functioning correctly, water will flow through a series of drainage pipes before ultimately going down a drain. When these drainage pathways are clogged it will cause water to spill out.
  5. Low levels of refrigerant: Low levels of refrigerant can cause the coils to freeze. When the frost melts you will see higher levels of water dripping down around the air conditioner.

Schedule a local AC repair company

Regardless of where you call home, it is always a good idea to contact dependable heating and air company for help.  If you live in Salt Lake City, consider calling Utah HVAC at (801) 930-0629 or schedule an appointment online.

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