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Should I get a humidifier in my home?

When we think of Utah’s winter season we usually think of cold temperatures and snow.  It is instantly noticeable when the indoor temperature is too cold, but winter brings other concerns when it comes to indoor comfort.  Do you ever suffer from dry skin, nosebleeds or breathing troubles during the winter?  If so, it may be due to low humidity levels in your home or business.  Ideally, indoor air humidity should never drop below 30% in order to maintain comfort levels.  This article will discuss the benefits and concerns of a whole-home humidifier.  Please read below If you are considering an installation to help maintain humidity levels within your home or business.

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Understanding whole home humidifiers


Humidifiers can help keep the air comfortable to breathe, they also help with dry skin and itchy or scratchy throats because the air is too dry.  It is important to remember that humidifiers need to be properly maintained and cleaned in order to avoid contamination.  They must also be properly calibrated and set up to avoid the home becoming too humid as this can make people sick over time.  There are several different types of humidifiers that can be installed based on the needs of your home and the current HVAC system.  Almost all units emit steam or water vapor into the air.  Some units tie directly into a central air heating and cooling system, while others use ultrasonic vibrations and fans to circulate the vapor throughout the home.

The best means to examine humidity degrees in your house is with a hygrometer. This gadget, which appears like a thermometer, measures the amount of wetness airborne. Hygrometers can be bought at hardware stores as well as department stores. When purchasing a humidifier, think about buying one with a built-in hygrometer (humidistat) that maintains moisture within a healthy range.  It is well documented that these units can help with breathing troubles such as asthma or allergies.  You should, however, consult a physician if you or anyone in your home has severe health concerns that must be addressed.  The experts at Utah HVAC have decades of combined experience helping our local neighbors keep their homes and businesses comfortable during the summer and winter months.  If you are interested in learning more about what a humidifier can do for you, call us today to speak with a professional and schedule an appointment.


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