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How to Have Good Indoor Air Quality During Winter?

Perhaps even more than the cold and snow, Salt Lake City residents dread air quality during the winter months more than anything.  There is a good reason for that.  According to an article provided by KSL, Utah’s inversion causes illnesses and lung issues that can be life-threatening.  Even those of us who do not suffer from lung-related diseases like asthma know what it’s like to take a deep breath outside during winter.  This leaves us with a couple of options during the winter season.  The first is to leave town for 3-4 months to somewhere warm and sunny.  The second, and far more realistic for most families is to take refuge indoors.  But how do we know that our indoor air quality is any better?  There are several things you and an expert heating and air company can do to combat poor air conditions this winter season.

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How to keep indoor air quality clean?

Let’s start with things you can do as a home or business owner.  These steps are important to take if you have small children, the elderly or anyone dealing with illnesses living or visiting your home or business.

  1. Stay up with household and business chores. The simple fact is that you can do wonders for your indoor air by keeping things clean.  Things like vacuuming, sweeping and dusting places where dust and dirt can gather.  Trying using non-toxic cleaning products, especially ones that do not use harsh chemicals as those materials can stay in the air for extended amounts of time.
  2. Pay attention to your air filters. HVAC systems need clean air filters in order to operate effectively.  But clean air filters are not just good for your heating system, they are good for the overall health of your family.  We recommend changing your filters every 60 days at the very least.  However, we have seen filters go bad in just a few weeks, especially if outside air is dirty and smoggy. You can also consider using HEPA certified air filters to help make an extra step with allergens.
  3. Consider using air purifiers and humidifiers. It is not just poor air quality that is a concern during the cold months.  Dry air can also cause discomfort, dry skin, dry throats and nose bleed.  Adding the right amount of humidity to the air can help control dust mites and will help people to breathe easier.

What can an HVAC company do for you?

Heating and air technicians will offer a wide range of options so that you can find a solution that is right for you.  For example, a professional can install UV lights in your ductwork that will kill the bacteria in the air as it goes through your system.  Utah HVAC is here to install home humidifiers and air purification systems that will take your indoor air quality to the next level.  If you live in or around Salt Lake City call us at (801) 930-0629 to speak with a professional and schedule a dispatch call.


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