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How having AC can benefit your Life

It is just about the time of year when it is going to get hot outside.  If you look at weather trends one thing is certain, each year brings new temperature records as the planet is warming.  Many people tend to think of having an air conditioner or central air unit as a luxury item.  Perhaps in the same light as having premium cable or the fastest internet connection possible.  We here at Utah HVAC believe that while having comfortable temperatures makes life easier, it is also a necessity in desert states like ours.  Below are some of the ways that having an AC in your home or business helps make your life better.

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How AC can make your life better


People can actually die from heat-related issues

A study from the Environmental Protection Agency found that nearly 9,000 Americans died from heat-wave related issues within a 40-year span.  While this is in no way a leading cause of death, it can be concluded that the invention of in-home air conditioning kept these levels far lower than they would have been.  It is especially important to keep home temperatures comfortable if you live with the elderly, young children, or those who suffer from other illnesses.

Comfortable temperatures affect your brain

Studies of brain activity show that people have more cognitive ability when they are working in cooler temperatures.  Our bodies need to maintain a certain internal temperature in order to stay healthy.  This is perhaps one of the many reasons that students are more productive in school during the colder winter months, as opposed to spring and summer.  If you are a business owner this means that your employees will be more productive while working.

Cleaner air in your home

Modern AC and central air systems are not just about keeping your indoor temperatures comfortable.  HVAC specialists have an arsenal of tools that can help keep everyone healthy with cleaner air.  This includes HEPA filters, UV lighting that kills 99.9 percent of all bacteria in the air while reducing humidity levels.

Keep stress levels lower

When we are uncomfortable we tend to be easily agitated.  These days we are all spending way more time at home and indoors.  By staying comfortable we can reduce stress, tension, and the feelings of never being relaxed.  Stop rolling around in your bed at night having difficulties sleeping because of heat and allergies.  Contact a professional central air technician to get an estimate and learn various options to pick an ideal solution for your home and heating/cooling needs.  If you live in or around Salt Lake City consider calling Utah HVAC at (801) 930-0629 for fast and friendly service.

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