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Get Your Furnace Ready For Winter with Sandy Furnace Repair

Even though winter is here, there is still time to prepare your heating system for the colder weather ahead. Preparing as soon as possible will help to ensure your furnace will keep your home comfortable and warm throughout our long winters here in Utah. You’ll have peace of mind when you get your Sandy furnace repair and inspection-no need to wear your parka inside this winter! Here are a few ways to get your furnace ready for the winter months ahead: 

Furnace Inspection: Sandy Furnace Repair 

Contact Utah HVAC Experts to schedule your furnace tune-up and inspection. Many HVAC experts find the majority of no-heat calls during winter are related to a lack of maintenance. We recommend scheduling your yearly furnace tune-up and inspection in the fall. Having a professional look at your heating system before winter arrives can help to avoid your furnace breaking down during a long winter night. 

A tune-up from Utah HVAC Experts includes an inspection and a standard air filter replacement. Our Inspections allow us to catch small problems before they become costly repairs or major issues. Our expert technicians are happy to come out to your location and provide a complimentary inspection and audit of your heating system. Safety is a large part of our commitment. We go above and beyond the traditional industry standard 21 point safety inspection to ensure that your units are leak-free, efficient, and safe. This is an inexpensive option when it comes to preventing costly repairs. Plus, you can gain some peace of mind knowing your furnace has been maintained and is ready for the cold weather ahead. No need for snuggies this winter!

Install A Smart Thermostat 

A vital part of the furnace tune-up is to check your thermostat. If there is a problem with your thermostat, it may not be able to signal to the furnace when to turn off and back on. You can prevent this problem altogether by simply investing in a smart thermostat. 

A smart thermostat can save you energy and money by allowing you to monitor the temperature in your home at all times. A great feature of a smart thermostat allows you to lower the temperature when you are away and then raise it before you arrive. This will ensure a comfortable space and save you money. Smart thermostats can even adjust the temperature in your home as they learn your preferences throughout the day. What a smart thermostat!

Check Your Home Insulation

Having a drafty house is hard on your furnace. It will cause your furnace to work overtime in order to keep your house warm. You’ll want to find any drafts and add insulation wherever needed. In addition, you’ll want to consider insulating your basement or attic, using weatherstripping and window treatments to keep the warm air in. 

Change Furnace Air Filters Frequently

A dirty air filter will cause your furnace to work overtime as it tries to pump air through your heating system. A dirty and clogged filter can lead to malfunctions and costly repairs. Keeping your air filter clean and replacing it often is especially important during the winter months. This will ensure the air that you are breathing isn’t full of dust/allergens as you spend more time indoors. It is especially important to change the air filter during the winter since we don’t ventilate our homes as we do in the summer. 

Rely On Utah HVAC Experts For Sandy Furnace Repair 

No one wants to wear a coat indoors this winter. Even if you haven’t taken care of your heating system yet this winter, there is still time. We offer above and beyond service that will give you peace of mind during the cold winter months ahead. For furnace tune-ups, furnace maintenance, and Sandy furnace repair, give the Utah HVAC Experts a call today at (801) 930-0629!

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