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Air Conditioner Freeze Up

HOW DOES AN Air Conditioning Unit FUNCTION?
An air conditioner device freezing up can be a frustrating concern, however it is not an uncommon one. In order to effectively recognize why your outside condenser unit, coil or connections can freeze it is best to understand on a fundamental degree how your air conditioner gets chilly.

When gas is enabled to expand the pressure lowers as well as the gas will certainly come to be colder. This is how the evaporator coil on your a/c jobs as well as is rather opposite of the internal combustion system of your vehicle. The cooling agent is allowed to expand inside the coil, which triggers it to rapidly cool. Air after that passes past these coils as well as ends up being cooled as well as distributed throughout your residence or service.

Here is a basic diagram showing the process above.
A straightforward way to clarify what is triggers this issue is that the Freon is allowed to expand too much causing the unit obtaining too chilly. (Keep in mind the a lot more the gas is permitted to broaden the cooler the temperature will be.) It is extremely suggested that you ask an a/c specialist a lot more concerning what caused your system to ice up throughout their check out.

Insuffient air circulation throughout the devices condenser coil. A proper warm exchange can not happen if the air from your house is not being correctly generated as well as passed over the coil. Gradually this can create your coil become frozen, it also implies that your air conditioning unit is working also difficult to maintain your residence at a cooler temperature.
If your a/c is short on cooling agent. It may seem in reverse that your device will freeze when low on Freon however it is due to the fact that there is even much less gas getting expanded in the coil, the even more growth you have the cooler the temperature level. If you have much less gas being broadened in the same location it will certainly be cooler than normal due to the fact that the pressure is less than typical.
Mechanical failures are occasionally an offender. If your blower is not working properly or if there is a damage or bend in the refrigerant line your device might start to panic.
Regardless of why your ac unit is freezing it is not meant to be by doing this. Central air devices are created to operate within a certain temperature array as well as under certain problems. If your device is freezing it is time to call a local COOLING AND HEATING company today.

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