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Essential Furnace Repairs that Cannot Be Ignored

Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away. We don’t know about you, but the scramble to get ready for the holidays has already started for us. Our friendly heating technicians are here to help ensure you are prepared for family and friends to visit your home. This is the first year when many families can meet in person. Last Thanksgiving, many Utahns found themselves having a virtual zoom, facetime, or video conference to see their loved ones. Fortunately, things are returning to normal for many, which means we are likely to have large family gatherings for a lovely turkey dinner. 

Few things, however, can put a damper on the festivities than having your furnace or heater break. Below are some essential repairs that you should not ignore or delay having fixed by a professional HVAC company.  

A Broken or Damaged Heat Exchange 

The heat exchanger is the component of your gas furnace that is responsible for separating warmed air from combusted gases. These gases, such as carbon monoxide, are a byproduct of the heating process. Your heat exchange could become cracked by vibrations or shaking that can occur when your furnace is running. Remember that your furnace should not be moving when running. If you can see or hear movement, you should contact a furnace repair specialist as soon as possible. Heat exchange parts can also crack due to the simple fact that they fluctuate between hot and cold, causing expansion and contraction.  

A furnace that Shuts Off Before Required Temperatures are Reached 

It makes sense that furnaces are hot when they are operating. However, furnaces have a limit to the internal temperature they can reach before levels get unsafe. Automatic shut-off valves are installed to help ensure your furnace doesn’t get too hot. A furnace that only runs for a short amount of time is a warning sign that your furnace is overheating, usually due to a lack of proper airflow. This is the time of year when families try to stretch their budget as far as possible for the holidays. Avoid the temptation of waiting until after Christmas to have your furnace looked at. A minor issue can turn into a significant problem if ignored. We are offering an affordable furnace tune-up to help ensure that your heating unit runs safely and efficiently.     

The Smell of Gas or Carbon Monoxide Detection 

The smell of gas is difficult to mistake for anything else. Perhaps you are familiar with the “rotten eggs” smell that companies put into gas to help people detect a leak with their noses. Most homes also have carbon monoxide detectors installed or have fire detectors that are coupled with carbon monoxide detectors. If you smell gas or one of these alarms goes off, you should evacuate your home immediately. Have the gas shut-off, call the gas company to see if leaks have been reported, and call an HVAC company for service as quickly as possible. Gas leaks are dangerous and should be addressed the second they are noticed.  

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