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End of Season Furnace Maintenance Tips

Preparing your furnace for summer.

It may not feel like it, but we will probably only need to run our furnaces for another month or so. Utah never seems to have a nice transition, we go from freezing cold to scorching hot within a matter of weeks. As a home or business owner, there are a few things you can do to prepare your furnace for a well-deserved break. Please keep in mind that these are just suggestions and you should only perform tasks that you are capable of, leave everything else to the HVAC professionals.

End of season furnace maintenance tips.

Change your air filter. This step will almost always be at the top of our list. The main reason is that it is so easy to do and has such a huge impact on the lifespan and functionality of your unit. At the end of winter take a simple step that will make sure you are good to go when it comes time to turn on your air conditioner and replace your filter.

Clear and dust and debris. Sweeping and dusting around your unit will help to prevent any fire hazards while running your heating unit. If you cover your unit cleaning will also make it so that when it is time to uncover everything next winter, you will be ready and good to go.

Perform an overall inspection. We do not recommend taking anything apart or looking at the internal electrical parts of your furnace. Rather, look at its overall condition to see any signs of wear and tear or any loose connections. You will also want to check for cracks, things out of place, of connections that may have been disconnected. Listening for problems is also highly recommended. While the unit is running listen for any strange noises or if it sounds like the heating unit is struggling during operation.

Schedule an HVAC maintenance service call. By calling a local furnace maintenance company at the end of the cold season you are killing two birds with one stone. While the technician is there they will be able to service your furnace and make sure that your central air unit is ready to run during the summer. It is important to have a yearly tune-up because it helps keep your unit running smoothly, and more importantly, keeps your warranty intact.


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