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Common HVAC Problems That Need Furnace Repair

Many different factors can affect the airflow in your home. One of the most simple solutions to air flow or furnace issues can be corrected by changing the air filter. Dirty air filters can become clogged and force your furnace to work harder, reducing the overall lifespan of your system.

You can increase the performance of your furnace and improve the overall indoor air quality by changing your air filters every month, especially in Utah. Below we have put together a few other common HVAC problems to watch out for:


(1) Uneven Heating 

If your furnace is running and the upstairs feels like a sauna and the downstairs is chilly, it might be time to get HVAC maintenance or your furnace repaired. The heated air that comes through your vents travels through a series of ducts before reaching each room in your home. This air is controlled by dampers and it’s important they are properly balanced, otherwise some rooms will be different temperatures.

(2) Unexpected Rise In Heating Costs

It’s easy for homeowners to assume the heating issue is with the HVAC system when problems arise in your home. However, the heating problem is often found with the thermostat. Thermostats regulate the timing and the amount of hot air your HVAC unit produces. So, when your thermostat is malfunctioning, your comfort levels and your heating bill can suffer from extreme or mild fluctuations in temperature.

(3) Strange Noises or Odors

From time to time, HVAC units will produce harmless odors, but some should be taken seriously. For instance, if you have a rotten egg smell coming from your heating system, this could be an indication of a gas leak. A rotten egg smell does not mean a system failure is imminent. However, it is something to take seriously since it is dangerous to have a gas leak in or around your furnace. The most common odor that homeowners notice coming from their HVAC system is mustiness, which is an indicator the condensate drain is not working properly. You’ll want to have your HVAC system serviced as too much moisture can cause mold and mildew to grow. However, this can easily be fixed by installing a dehumidifier into your HVAC system.


HVAC issues can arise no matter how well you maintain your unit. If you notice any of the above HVAC problems, contact the heating professionals at Utah HVAC Experts for furnace repair or HVAC repair. To learn more, or to schedule an HVAC appointment, give us a call today at (801) 930-0629.


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