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6 Simple ways you can keep warm this winter

We are a heating and cooling company, it is our job to properly install and repair furnaces when they are not working or damaged. We are committed to our customers. Part of that commitment means sharing ways that will reduce the strain put on your furnace during Utah’s cold winter months, all while saving money on your gas and energy bills. Below are some simple ways that you can stay warm this winter while adding years to your furnaces expected lifespan.

Ways you can keep warm this winter without cranking up the thermostate

  1. Add blankets and change your sheets. Usually, in the summer months, people will use light sheets that breathe, such as silk or cotton. Changing your sheets to a thicker and more insulated material will help keep you warm during the night, reducing the urge and need to run your furnace as high.
  2. Add more insulation to your home. No, we are not talking about ripping down the dry walls here, rather making your home more insulated to keep heat in. A great way to do this is to open your curtains during the day and close them at night. This will allow the sun to help heat your home during the day and keep that heat inside your home at nighttime when temperatures are their lowest. Many home and business owners don’t realize that up to 10% of their heat can be lost through the flooring. By putting down extra throw rugs or carpeting you can help keep that heat from seeping down into bare floors.
  3. Turn your thermostat down just a little. Yes, this article is primarily about ways that you can stay warm during the winter, but it is also about saving money. In general, by turning your thermostat down even just 1 or 2 degrees you can save about 10% on your gas and energy bill. If you properly keep your house warm in other ways then you may not even notice that your thermostat has been set slightly lower than normal.
  4. Move furniture that is blocking vents. Couches and lazyboy chairs are the largest culprits here. By making sure that your furniture is not blocking ventilation you are doing two things. First off you are allowing for ideal air circulation that will help distribute the warm air throughout your house. Secondly, you are essentially moving a heat sponge away from the heating source. Couches and chairs that are put in front and airways will actually absorb a lot of heat and stop it from being spread evenly throughout your home or business.
  5. Use your ceiling fans. If you run your ceiling fans in reverse it will actually push the hot air that rises to the top parts of your house and redistributes that air back down to the people below. Hot air naturally rises and is one of the biggest reasons that top levels seem to be warmer and basements always seem to be cooler.
  6. Try those old-fashioned methods of staying warm. Central air and furnaces are a wonderful luxury, but if you are trying to save money this winter you can always use alternative methods to stay warm instead of turning up your furnace. We are talking about wrapping yourself in blankets while you read or watch television, using heated rice bags or even a hot water bottle just like grandma would use.

And there you have it.

There are many ways to keep your home or business warm when temperatures get freezing. We have seen people get really creative, especially if their furnace has been broken for some time. If you have some money saving ways to stay warm please share your ideas in the comment section below.

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